Miro Rubix comes back!

Hi! I just put online again the Miro Rubix game for PC and for PSP! A simple puzzle inspired by the famous game called Rubik’s Cube. The puzzle starts with two equal pictures where only the left one is mixed in various boxes. Moving the columns and the rows of the left one, you just have to form the picture on the right. The game comes with few puzzles. Some puzzles are classic, they contains only boxes with few colors; the other was created using various photos. But, you can create your own puzzle with your own photos!

[portfolio] [portfolio-entry] [portfolio-title href=”http://miromannino.com/projects/miro-rubix/”]Miro Rubix[/portfolio-title] [portfolio-attrs image=”http://miromannino.com/wp-content/uploads/mirorubix-image-300×195.png”] [portfolio-attr label=”Category”]PC Puzzle Game[/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-attr label=”Release Date”]09/2009[/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-attr label=”Technologies”]Java, Java2D, Swing[/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-attr label=”Download”] Windows | Ubuntu | All Platforms [/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-links] [portfolio-link href=”http://miromannino.com/projects/miro-rubix/”]Project Page[/portfolio-link] [/portfolio-links] [/portfolio-attrs] [/portfolio-entry] [portfolio-entry] [portfolio-title href=”http://miromannino.com/projects/miro-rubix-for-psp/”]Miro Rubix for PSP®[/portfolio-title] [portfolio-attrs image=”http://miromannino.com/wp-content/uploads/mirorubixforpsp-screenshot-0-300×170.jpg”] [portfolio-attr label=”Category”]PSP® Puzzle Game[/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-attr label=”Release Date”]08/2008[/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-attr label=”Technologies”]C, Oslib, PSP®[/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-attr label=”Download from”] Dropbox [/portfolio-attr] [portfolio-links] [portfolio-link href=”http://miromannino.com/projects/miro-rubix-for-psp/”]Project Page[/portfolio-link] [/portfolio-links] [/portfolio-attrs] [/portfolio-entry] [/portfolio]

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