Miro is a Minimal, Clean and Responsive WordPress Theme with random animated headers. Theme is customisable with theme options: social buttons to display, twitter tracker, privacy policy link, and other parts of the layout. Realised using Sage and Bootstrap 4.

Live Demo

Now you can see the demo in the pages of this Website!

Source code

The source code can be found on Github

Social Buttons

From the Theme options, you can configure the social buttons: Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, WordPress, PayPal donation, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube. You can decide to display them in the footer as in the following image.

The social buttons can be also displayed anywhere using the shortcode [social-links] as a series of icons, or using the shortcode [social-links-list] to show as a list of links.


To add a generic button you can use the shortcode [button]. This one has two possible parameters: href and target. The button works like a standard link. The target is optional.

For example:

[button href="http://miromannino.com" target="_blank"]
link to my site

#Title links

Each title is modified to add a hash character, that let sections of a post to be easily referenced.