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These are the photos that I usually do. They are downloaded using the WordPress plugin called Flickr Photostream and arranged using the plugin for JQuery called Justified Gallery.

Deep seaSicily's SeaAbove the WorldSan Vito Lo CapoPonte del DiavoloThe SpringCat firmnessInto The SeaFirst Sunset of the Year in BolognaBologna's T-DayAlone in the SnowWhat's your destination?Just in a dream PlaceIl Capo at PalermoEriceA painter in San VitoPescherie VecchieA question of perspectiveRememberTruthful InnocenceSimply my BrotherFreedomMaybe springLoveYoung Lovers' Wall and the Old RainThis is the colors I loveThe HopeFlorence streets. Florence people.I Love YouThe painter in FlorenceMe and My BeloverFioccoMy first clothespin

11 comments on “My Photos

  1. Just to clarify- photos are automatically downloaded from one (or more?) flickr accounts? So anything that gets added to that flickr stream will automatically appear on the site?


    • Yes, you can use more than one account, and the photos are automatically updated to the site (remember that the plugin do caching and is not updated in real time).

      • Can I have a Grid of only an album or a set into an album?
        I want to use Flickr as my photo hosting, and embed them into posts.
        But sometimes I need only a restricted set of pictures (an album or a set) into a post.

        Can I embed single photo into text, like if I’m describing a fabricating process and I need single picture that and there into an article and at the end embed the full album/set.


      • You can limit the gallery to a single set, gallery, group pool, and to limit the gallery to show images that have some tags.
        You can’t embed a single photo into text, but I’ll do something for this.

  2. Great plugin, congratulations!
    It would be nice if you may further add some sorting options as well as a widget and and a caption of the file’s date – if not asking too much…


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