Justified Gallery

Category: JQuery plugin
Release Date: 10/2012
Technologies: Js, CSS, HTML5, JQuery
Download from: Github
This is a JQuery plugin that allows you to create an high quality justified gallery of images. A common problem, for people who create sites, is to create an elegant image gallery that manages the various sizes of images. Flickr and Google+ manage this situation in an excellent way, the purpose of this plugin is to give you the power of these solutions, with a new fast algorithm.

Flickr Justified Gallery for WordPress

Category: Wordpress plugin
Release Date: 07/2012
Technologies: PHP, Js, CSS, HTML5
Plugin that allows you to show your Flickr photostream, photosets, galleries, group pools, or tags in your blog, with a very elegant and awesome layout. Awesome thumbnails disposition with a justified grid, using Justified Gallery. Various settings to configure the size of images in the gallery and its behaviour (you can show photos with a lightbox, or with a link to Flickr). You can configure the number of photos per page, then, you can navigate between various pages. The plugin chooses the right resolution for the image, using the Flickr size suffixes, always obtaining high quality galleries.

Ruzzle Solver

Category: Web Application
Release Date: 02/2013
Technologies: Js, C++, PHP, CSS, HTML5
A fast solver for Ruzzle, used by more than 1.000.000 of users. Born to do a Web project with a fast server side in C++, to be reactive with a lot of users, despite the limited resource of the server.

Related posts: Ruzzle Solver Algorithm, Raspberry Pi Plays Ruzzle.

Miro WordPress Theme

Category: Wordpress theme
Release Date: 02/2013
Technologies: PHP, CSS, HTML5, SVG, D3
Download from: Github
Miro is a Minimal, Clean and Responsive WordPress Theme which adapts itself automatically for tablets and mobile devices. The theme is customizable: you can configure the title to show a logo (or a generic html piece of code), configure the social buttons to display, and other parts of the layout. A set of shortcodes will help you to generate complex portfolios (not a simple gallery of images). Realized with Bootstrap, it brings all of its power in your blog.


Category: math library
Release Date: 05/2012
Technologies: C++, Bison, Flex, GoogleTest
Platforms: Linux, Mac OS X
Download from: Github

A C++ library which parses human-like arithmetic expressions like -3xy^2 - 3(xy + 3)(-5x + y).

The library has been made using bison and flex. Features: implicit multiplications, AST manipulation and evaluation, bytecode compilation and evaluation, custom functions, functions overloading, dynamic environment.

Ultra Race 2009

Category: PC Car Racing Game
Release Date: 01/2009
Technologies: Java, Java2D
Download: Windows | Ubuntu | Mac OS X
An hard game. Discover how much better you are to drive, with a with a crazy, that will entertain you with. Beat your lap records running faster, and measure your drifting abilities. Win the challenges, going fast also through the pit lane to refuel the car.

Miro Rubix

Category: PC Puzzle Game
Release Date: 09/2009
Technologies: Java, Java2D, Swing
A simple puzzle inspired by the famous game called Rubik’s Cube. The puzzle starts with two equal pictures where only the left one is mixed in various boxes. Moving the columns and the rows of the left one, you just have to form the picture on the right. The game comes with few puzzles. Some puzzles are classic, they contains only boxes with few colors; the other was created using various photos. But, you can create your own puzzle with your own photos!

Miro Rubix for PSP®

Category: PSP® Puzzle Game
Release Date: 08/2008
Technologies: C, Oslib, PSP®
Download from: Dropbox
A simple puzzle inspired by the famous game called Rubik’s Cube. The puzzle starts with a matrix of colored boxes. Moving the columns and the rows, you just have to solve the puzzle forming a matrix of boxes with the correct colors. The game is also available for PC.


Category: PSP® Utility
Release Date: 07/2008
Technologies: C, Oslib, PSP®
Download from: Dropbox
An accurate stopwatch. It works reading the CPU clock (that can count up to the nanoseconds). You can execute the stopwatch when the PSP® is in standby mode. It evaluates best time, worst time and the average time. You can use it like a metronome, you can set it to play a beep every second. Capability to memorize intermediate times.
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