Flickr Photostream

Category: Wordpress plugin
Release Date: 07/2012
Technologies: PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML

Plugin that allows you to show your Flickr Photostream, Photosets, Galleries, Group Pools, or Tags in your blog, with a very elegant and awesome layout.

Create a gallery with the same style of Flickr or Google+! Awesome thumbnails disposition with a justified grid, calculated by a fast javascript algorithm called Justified Gallery. You can configure the height of the rows to have a grid that can be like the justified grid of Flickr or of Google+. But, you can do more! For example you can configure the margin between the images, create rows with fixed height, or decide if you want to justify the last row or not!

You can also configure a gallery to show photos with a link to Flickr or with a Lightbox (Swipebox or Colorbox).

Always high quality thumbnails! The plugin chooses the right resolution for the images, using the “Flickr size suffixes”, no small images are resized to be bigger and no big images are resized to be smaller! You can create gallery with very large thumbnails!

Remember that this plugin is not an official Flickr® plugin, any help will be greatly appreciated.


How to use it
  1. Upload the folder flickr-photostream to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin settings through the ‘Settings > Flickr Photostream’ page.
  4. Remember to set also the API key and the default User ID
  5. Create a page with the shortcode [flickr_photostream] to show the specified user photostream (you can add attributes in the shortcode, to show set, gallery or simply to have settings that are different than the default).
  6. (optional) If you want to use Colorbox, install a Colorbox plugin (i.e. JQuery Colorbox). Then, check the settings the lightbox option.

Help the project!

This is an open source project, and I don’t earn anything from it. You can help the project to grow in various way:

  • Talking about it (in blogs, social network, …)
  • Writing your personal features, and send me an email with your changes. If you want to do this, go to the WordPress Project Page and download the source code.
  • Donate! I will be more motivated to implement your requested features.

Any Issue?

If you have any issue, please send me your question to the WordPress support page. In this page you can find your answer. If you don’t have a WordPress account, and if you don’t want, write a comment in this page or write me an email.

170 comments on “Flickr Photostream

  1. Hi Miro, love this plugin. Is there an attribute to randomise what photos are displayed or are you dependent upon flickr for this? Thanks.

    • It’s a frequent asked question. Due to a limitation of the Flickr APIs, one can only randomize the images of the same page. It’s still useful?

  2. Hi Miro

    I was curious to know if there is a way to have this on a non-wordpress website that isn’t on a MySQL database.

    please know that I am not a coder.

    Kind Regards

  3. Hi Miro,

    I’m using your plugin on my wordpress site. The new version is really amazing!
    I want to use Koken in the future because it fits my needs way better. So:
    Is there a way to use the functionality of your plugin without WP?


    • Just use Justified Gallery (check the projects on my site). Flickr Photostream is just an example of use…

  4. Salut Miro!

    I love the way the photos are displayed!
    However would there be a way to add the photo description next to the photo title when the photo opens up in Lightbox?

    Thanks a lot!!!

  5. Hi Miro,

    Do you know if there is a shortcode that allows you to prevent the images from linking back to flickr?


  6. No photos

    I have since [flickr_photostream]

    and puts me on page NO PHOTOS

    Flickr API Key and User ID CORRECTS




  7. Hi Miro,

    I can’t get the photographs from a set to load with the tags I’ve given. Could be a fault in my statement:

    [flickr_set id="ABC123" max_num_photos="4" tags="cat, square, nikon" tags_mode="all"]

    If the above statement is used, it loads all photographs in that set and completely ignores the ‘tags’ argument. I’m running version 3.1.4.

    Hope you can help,

    • Due to a limitation of the Flickr API tags doesn’t work. I will show some messages to notify that some parameters don’t work. Thank you

  8. Photos won’t show, The plug-in will stop the blog from loading even. All my photos are public.

    I can’t save the settings. It always returns
    The web service endpoint returned a “HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden” response

    I just updated it to 3.1.5 and now I get those. Help!

  9. Hi,

    Loving it!

    However I would like a list of the shortcodes – I`m a basic only programmer!

    Donation Made.


    Aidan Venn

    • Thank you very much Aidan! Your contributes help me to find a motivation to improve the plugin everyday.

  10. Okay I figured out the problem,

    Jquery has to be loaded before the gallery, i.e. in the head section of the page. I usually like loading my jquery in my footer. Is this the wrong thing to do in general? Is there a way of outputting your jquery script at the bottom of the page, using wp_footer or something?

    Kind regards,

    • JS files has to be included using the WordPress’s standard way (i.e. using wp_enqueue_script). If you do in another ways, you will be some errors…

    • I know, it could happens. Sometimes Flickr stops the service. If for you the service is very important consider to pay for the API, but I don’t know paying the service is better.

  11. Is their a way to change the order the photos appear in the gallery? I would like it to mirror my flickr page order but it seems to be random, but I do not have the random box selected. It is important that the photos are in a specific order to tell the story properly.

    Thanks for any help and the awesome plugin!

    • The photos are displayed in the same order they are fetched from Flickr. I will do something to order them in someway. Thanks

  12. Hi Miro,

    Could I use this to create a fullscreen slideshow (so no grid, just a slideshow, one full screen image after the other) with modern left/right arrows that could work with the keyboard too? I’d like to integrate this into the Marble WordPress theme, not sure if it’s going to be possible.

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