Category: PSP® Utility
Release Data: 07/2008
Technologies: C, Oslib, PSP®
Download from: Dropbox

What is it?

This is an accurate stopwatch. It works reading the CPU clock (that can count up to the nanoseconds). For the latter reason the limit time is one hour.


  • You can also execute the stopwatch when the PSP® is in standby mode.
  • It evaluates best time, worst time and the average time
  • You can put the stopwatch in pause.
  • You can use it like a metronome, you can set it to play a beep every second (useful for Rubik’s cube players)
  • Capability to memorize intermediate times
  • CPU is set to 111/111 to save up battery life
  • Available in English and in Italian


  • Cross : Start / Pause
  • Square : Stop
  • Triangle : Reset (only when it’s in pause or stopped)
  • Circle : Memorize an intermediate time
  • Holding Select : Show the list of advanced commands
  • Select + Up : Enable / Disable beep
  • Select + Right : Reset itermediates list
  • Select + Left : Reset statistics for best, worst and middle time