VMWare Shared Folder on Ubuntu 11.10

Recently, I’ve installed Ubuntu 11.10 into a virtual machine, using VMware Fusion 4.1.1 on MacOS X. But, after its installation, I’ve found several issues relating to the shared folders. Now, I share with you the steps to resolve these issues.

First of all, you must install the VMwareTools package. During the installation, you must install the Shared Folder module. But the problems is not here, in fact this module is installed by default (but you may have not installed it!).

The problems is in a particular module that is not loaded by Linux, vmhgfs.

Open a terminal and write:

modprobe vmhgfs

Now, you have the shared folders in this path: /mnt/hgfs You can make a link – for convenience – to your home folder writing:

ln -sd /mnt/hgfs/ ~/Shared

This is all you need, have a good virtualization!

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