Hello I am Miro! I am a part-time photographer based in United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. I am the creator of ProSharpener and proud ambassador at Leofoto.

My relationship with photography

I was the typical tourist who woke up late, visited places for a little while, and came back just in time to get ready for a nice dinner and nightlife. As a typical tourist I just wanted to create memories by taking good photos.

But, as many of us know, taking good photos it’s not just about using a camera (even a good one). It’s more about being in the right place, and especially at the right time.

Now I am that tourist who wakes up at 3am and who gets ready for the sunrise somewhere epic, and who comes back to sleep while busses of tourists start coming. That tourist who wakes up again at 3pm to enjoy a beautiful sunset while tourists are coming back for the night.

This is just one of the many ways photography changed me.

Now I am chasing that beautiful sunrise light. I am chasing that stunning view, and joyful colors. Photography is now just a pretext to be there at the right time. The reality is that I am there for myself.