Post Processing Workshop – Dubai 2019

I couldn’t thank ISO Hunters, Fujifilm and Grand Stores more for inviting me as a guest speaker to teach about some techniques for advanced Landscape and Cityscape editing.

It has been definitely an interesting experience! I admit it wasn’t easy to edit this photo while teaching in front of a class full of people.

In this workshop I showed the classic problems of loss of natural color that come while recovering shadows or highlights. We explored the limitations of HDRs. We explored several techniques for manual exposure blending and time blending. From simple masks to luminosity masks, midtone masks, fixing colors and color cast using luminosity masks as selection, high pass sharpening, and dodge & burn. It was a lot for the more beginners but a lot of fun!

For this photo we merged one darker exposure to retain the sky colors, two brighter exposures for buildings and trees and one night photo to show the building lights. Here the before and after:

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