Category: PSP® Utility
Release Data: 07/2008
Technologies: C, Oslib, PSP®
Download from: Dropbox

This is an accurate stopwatch. It works reading the CPU clock (that can count up to the nanoseconds). For the latter reason the limit time is one hour.


  • You can also execute the stopwatch when the PSP® is in standby mode.
  • It evaluates best time, worst time and the average time
  • You can put the stopwatch in pause.
  • You can use it like a metronome, you can set it to play a beep every second (useful for Rubik’s cube players)
  • Capability to memorize intermediate times
  • CPU is set to 111/111 to save up battery life
  • Available in English and in Italian


  • Cross : Start / Pause
  • Square : Stop
  • Triangle : Reset (only when it’s in pause or stopped)
  • Circle : Memorize an intermediate time
  • Holding Select : Show the list of advanced commands
  • Select + Up : Enable / Disable beep
  • Select + Right : Reset itermediates list
  • Select + Left : Reset statistics for best, worst and middle time