Category: PSP® Puzzle Game
Release Data: 08/2008
Technologies: C, Oslib, PSP®
Download from: Dropbox

Demo video

What is it?

The puzzle starts with various boxes.

You can select a row and a column using the keys in the direction pad.
Then you can move all the boxes of a row to the left or to the right using the buttons: . You can then move all the boxes of a column up and down using the buttons: .

With this simple mechanism you can solve a puzzle. You just move the boxes to form a figure like this:

You can also form a different figure changing the order of the colors.

The purpose of the game is to be able to complete the puzzle in the fewest moves possible. The game counts the number of movements to solve the puzzle and memorizes the best score.

Types of game

The game comes with few type of games. You can choose to have a grid of 9×9 boxes or 6×6. Also, you can choose the number of movements, it can be 1 or 3.

The story

This is a simple puzzle that I made up a long time ago. This puzzle is inspired by the famous game called Rubik’s Cube. After I invented the mechanism of this game, a friend told me that he had found a game with the same mechanism, this game is called “Rubix”. For this reason I changed the original name that was “Rubik 2D” to “Miro Rubix”. I wrote this game in C for PSP® and in Java for PC platforms.