Category: PC Puzzle Game
Release Data: 09/2009
Technologies: Java, Java2D, Swing
Download from: Windows | Ubuntu | All Platforms

What is it?

The puzzle starts with two equal pictures where only the left one is mixed in various boxes.

You can move a column or a row. For example you can move a row to the right:

You can se how the boxs in the right is moved in the left, as if it were in a ring.

With this simple mechanism you can solve a puzzle. You just move the boxs on the left picture to form the picture on the right. Don’t be afraid, it’s simple!

The purpose of the game is to be able to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. The game counts the time you take to solve the puzzle, it also saves the best scores for each puzzle.

Types of game

The game comes with few puzzles. Some puzzles are classic (the same that you can find in the PSP version), the other was created using various photos. But, you can create your own puzzle with your own photos!

The classics Miro Rubix puzzle

With this puzzle each box of the same color is the same. If you need a red box you have more than one choice, this is the reason for which is simple.

Photos puzzle

With the photo puzzle you have not choices, you must put the right box in the right place. Furthermore, you can have puzzle with an arbitrary number of rows and columns. For these reasons, it can be very hard to complete!

The story

This is a simple puzzle that I made up a long time ago. This puzzle is inspired by the famous game called Rubik’s Cube. After I invented the mechanism of this game, a friend told me that he had found a game with the same mechanism, this game is called “Rubix”. For this reason I changed the original name that was “Rubik 2D” to “Miro Rubix”. I wrote this game in C for PSP® and in Java for PC platforms.