ProSharpener comes with several features that are useful to export for Web and social media, as well as for printing.


Finding the best settings can be difficult. That’s why we already researched and consulted experienced photographers to find the best ones for you! And of course you can always create new presets or overwrite the ones that are already there.


There are several ways to resize the photo:

  • Resize long edge: Long edge is resized to the specified length, and the shorter edge is resized automatically without cropping the image or changing its aspect ratio. This is useful for Facebook, where its guidelines explicitly mentions that photos should be 2048px in the longest edge.
  • Resize short edge: Short edge is resized to the specified length, and the longer edge is resized automatically without cropping the image or changing its aspect ratio.
  • Resize width: The width is resized to the specified length, and the height is resized automatically. A maximum height can be specified as well. This is useful for Instagram, where photos need to be resized to a width of 1080px, and where the height can’t be more than 1350px.
  • Resize height: The height is resized to the specified length, and the width is resized automatically. A maximum width can be specified as well.
  • No resize: in case you just want to sharpen the photo, but not to export for the Web or social media. This is the way to go in case you want to print the photo.


Depending on the type of your photo or your style you can change the sharpening amount. Values are suggested by the presets itself, but you can always change these!

ProSharpener can also create an extra layer where the photo has been sharpened even more. By changing the mask of this layer you can focus more on important parts. For example making the eyes sharper.

Edge Masks

Excessive sharpening can be ok, but not in high contrast edges. Usually this is fixed by manually masking out sharpening from these areas.

This is the reason why ProSharpener can create a mask that will decrease or remove sharpening from these areas. This mask has two parameters:

  • Blur: to blur the mask, so it does not just affect the edges but surrounding areas. This is useful if extensive halos are created.
  • Boost: the mask will not completely mask edges but drastically reduce them. With boost you can control the intensity of this mask. The more it’s boosted and the more intense the edge mask will be.

Sharpening Separation

Sharpening separation is the best kept secret to obtain amazing results!

As you can see from our Sharpening Theory section, sharpening consists of darkening and lightening areas around edges. This increases micro contrast and make images look sharper.

The biggest problem with sharpening is that over sharpened images are always full of white artifacts.

This is why ProSharpener allows you to separate these two phases of sharpening, so you can exaggerate sharpening, without creating weird artifacts!

Sharpening Separation

Excessive sharpening can slightly reduce contrast and saturation. Do you want to create a preset with exaggerate sharpening? Here are the settings you might want to consider.

Correct color conversion to display on the Web

We usually edit our photos with wide-gamut RGB color spaces such as AdobeRGB or ProPhoto RGB. But, do you know that colors will change if you upload these photos on a website or on a social media such as Instagram?

To avoid changes in color it is important to convert the photos in sRGB and 8-bit channels. While converting the photo in sRGB is usually a well known thing to do, converting to 8-bit is usually forgotten.

Since ProSharpener is mainly used to prepare photos for exporting, it also provides two options to automatically convert the color profile of the image to sRGB and to 8-bit channels.

Save your work creating a new document!

When we prepare images to upload to the Web we resize and sharpen photos, but sometimes it happens we save our resized PSD file!

This is why this option in ProSharpener is always selected by default. Just in case you save a resized version this will be saved in a new document, and your original work is safe.