Miro Mannino

Hello, I'm Miro, a Full-Stack Software Engineer working in Abu Dhabi. Originally from Italy, I earned my MS and BS from the University of Bologna.

My Journey

I started coding when I was eleven, and coding has always been my passion ever since. I explored many technologies and languages over the years. I obtained my Bachelor's and Master's at the University of Bologna. This period was especially challenging as I worked as a waiter to fund my education, often facing tough mornings after late-night shifts. Nevertheless, I graduated with honors, achieving a score of 110/110 with Honors for both degrees.

Afterward, I joined CRIF, a leading global technology solution provider and continental Europe's leading provider of banking credit information. At CRIF, I was the main developer for the new version of a multi-purpose decision engine, used by the Italian credit bureau to calculate credit scores, as well as in other countries and companies.

Then I joined New York University in Abu Dhabi as a Research Engineer. This role was challenging but rewarding, involving a variety of projects from developing complex UIs with React and JavaScript, to architecting data generators in Java, creating data simulators in Python and SQL, and writing firmware in C++ for a satellite that was launched into space.

A Generalist with a direction

When I was eleven I started programming with VB6. I did many things with it, I bought books about tricks and performance tuning related to this technology; however, I was shocked to know that not long after that this language was dying, substituted by a completely new and different thing: VB.NET. That taught me a valuable lesson: a person cannot get stuck in a field as volatile as technology, but be instead focused on the big picture, investing oneself in diverse experiences, ready for the next challenge, technology, or paradigm.

For these reasons I work and have worked on fields of many different natures: web apps and libraries, domain-specific languages, encrypted file systems, distributed web crawlers, games, PDF data extractors, database systems, image processing, and so on. As a result, I am quite open to different technologies, and languages. As I like to say: “the right answer is probably not in the only book you own.”

In my free time

In my free time, I am actively involved in personal projects. Open source whenever possible, such as Justified Gallery, which has been used on thousands of websites including 500px. Other famous ones are Ruzzle Solver, which has been used by around two million people, or Lucky Scratch is an Android game that reached more than 100,000 downloads.

Outside of my professional sphere, I am a passionate photographer and I enjoy having an active life, enjoying outdoors hiking and mountaineering.

Mountaineering at Corno (BO) by Miro Mannino