The game offers various modes, including "Free Game" where players aim to drive as fast as they can to achieve the best lap times, and "Challenges" which require players to complete a certain number of laps as quickly as possible with the added complexity of managing limited fuel, necessitating pit stops for refueling.

How it works

I made this game to learn Java2D rendering, without using any game engine, starting from scratch, and enjoying creating fast algorithms and components.

The biggest problem in making this game was the collision detection. To work the map image splits in two: one shows the first image for the graphics, and the second image is created from the first simplifying it enough to be used by the collision detector.

Despite this solution requiring more memory, checking if a car is colliding is O(1), and the quality of the collision detection is very high. Furthermore, if ever memory consumption is a problem, the image can be downsized slightly lowering the collision detection quality.


The game is available for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac OS X.

Windows | Ubuntu | Mac OS X